3D Collections

Smithsonian X3DHigh quality, interactive, downloadable & printable 3D models from the Smithsonian collections

3D Museum.org3D models of fossils and bones from the University of California, Davis

Digimorph: X-ray CT scans of bones and fossils based at the University of Texas at Austin

UMORFUniversity of Michigan's Online Repository of Fossils, 2D and 3D representations of fossils from the UM collections

Free 3D Software

Databases & Resources  

PhylopicUser-created library of taxonomic silhouettes licensed for reuse

Paleobiology DatabaseCompiled global fossil occurrence, stratigraphic & taxonomic data

Timetree.org: Lineage divergence estimates compiled from published analyses

TimeScaleCreatorJava based free program for creating geologic timescales and associated biostratigraphic, geochemical and paleogeographic data

Stats, Figures & Tutorials